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Jeff Angel – Director

Jeff is famous for both his uncompromising integrity and his ability to reconcile people and interest groups with no apparent common ground for the good of us all. He's also been a favoured commentator on TV radio and in print for decades. Softly spoken, diplomatic and scrupulous, he is a dogged and fearless campaigner. Jeff has forged alliances between countless factions in government, industry, business, and community, producing one constructive outcome for the environment after the other, since becoming involved in the campaign to protect the rainforests 36 years ago when he was at university studying Economics.  Jeff’s achievements range from pushing policy and legislation to protect clean air, restore urban rivers, conserve our coasts, wetlands and wilderness, combat climate change, reform business and government to embrace environmental sustainability, prevent broad-scale land clearing, save our common green spaces, and more. He is also Executive Director of the Total Environment Centre. Jeff published 'Green is Good' (ABC Books) in 2008 and is a regular and highly respected media commentator. Jeff has been awarded an Order of Australia and Centenary Medal.

Areas of expertise: waste and recycling, plastic pollution, plastic regulations


Toby Hutcheon - Campaign Manager

Toby has worked on environmental issues for 30 years. He started at Greenpeace on the Nuclear Free Seas campaign, dividing his time between the office and the bows of nuclear warships. He was Greenpeace Australia’s first Action Coordinator, managed the Communications Division, and helped initiate the 'green' Sydney Olympics. He moved to Europe in 1996, working on the Chernobyl Campaign for Greenpeace in Moscow.

Toby was the Executive Director of the Qld Conservation Council from 2004-2014, and has tertiary qualifications in education, marketing and journalism. As our Campaigns Manager, he creates the strategies and actions to run our successful campaigns, and works with governments on policy. He believes that we can all make a difference.

Areas of expertise: waste and recycling, plastic pollution, plastic regulations, plastic free places


Kellie Lindsay - Program Manager Plastic Free Places

Kellie oversees the management of the Plastic Free Places program and helps develop the systems and partnerships that drive it. She obtained a business degree before pursuing an environmental career, further obtaining a Master's in Environmental Management. She has managed the program since its inception in late 2016, and prior to this, helped implement successful campaigns for a container refund scheme and plastic bag ban in Qld.

'The key to the success of this program has been direct engagement with our members and the behind the scenes work we do to make it easy for them to switch. We work to support them, to make it straight-forward, and deliver real solutions to these businesses'.

Areas of expertise: single use plastics


Lisa Wriley - Campaigner

Lisa has a gift for working with communities, and extensive experience as an educator in schools. She is particularly sympathetic towards younger students having raised two boys of her own, Lisa can wrangle any age group.

She loves being creative, animating the campaigns with characters and running stalls to engage with the community. Lisa can strike up a conversation with anyone from any walk of life. Her passion for the environment and deep knowledge of waste and recycling issues after more than ten years of campaigning, coupled with a warm and affable manner make her one of the most effective communicators on our team.

With her background in Education for Sustainability, Lisa also helps schools to set up worm tubs for their organic waste, teaches composting at Kariong Eco Garden, and supports waste reduction strategies at Central Coast schools.

Areas of expertise: Sustainability, waste management and recycling, creative ways to communicate campaigns