Commonwealth Shining Light on Recycling and Plastic Pollution

The appointment of a new Environment Minister for Waste Reduction and special envoy for the Great Barrier Reef committed to stopping plastic pollution is a ray of hope, a major environmental group said today.

“Recycling is in crisis as Asian markets reject our kerbside collections and stockpiles and landfilling grows and plastic pollution of the oceans worsens every day. The two new appointments – Trevor Evans as Australia’s first Waste Reduction Minister and Warren Entsch as Great Barrier Reef envoy – are potentially ground breaking,” said Jeff Angel, Director of the Boomerang Alliance of 48 groups.

“There is a massive task ahead. Recognition we have major challenges is a start. The Boomerang Alliance is aiming for effective and quick action on single use plastics; and we look forward to progress on the government’s promises to support significant growth in domestic recycling capacity.”

“Ensuring a minimum of 30% recycled content is used for new packaging will be essential. We are also pushing for bans on polystyrene and other plastic foodware, straws and complete ban on lightweight and thicker plastic bags across Australia. There are plenty of proven alternatives and our Plastic Free Places program demonstrates consumer and business acceptance,” Mr Angel said.


Photo by Freepik