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Be a part of a broad and diverse coalition fighting for Cash for Containers in Victoria.

Hundreds of community groups, charities and non-profit organisations around Australia added their name to the Cash for Containers campaign and were instrumental in our success in NSW, Queensland and WA. Now it is Victoria's turn - sign on today to endorse the Cash for Containers campaign in Victoria and help make Australia litter free.

Our Cash for Containers model is based on the best examples in the world and has benefits for the entire community, economy and environment. Read more about our model here and the benefits for your organisation here.

Whether you’re a local neighbourhood group, a major environmental NGO, a student organisation, school, small business or any other type of group, we’d love your support. If you are not part of any organisation, you can still support us by signing up here

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A 10-cent refundable container deposit scheme (cash for containers) will slash the amount of litter polluting our parks, streets, rivers and oceans. It will create jobs in recycling and provide valuable sources of income for charities, community groups and individuals interested in collecting cans and bottles.

We demand that Victoria acts now and adopts a container deposit scheme in line with what NSW started in December 2017, Queensland in November 2018 and which will commence in Western Australia early 2020. The time to act is NOW!

Who's endorsing

Anna Woolcock Stockland
Derek Atkinson Footscray Rubbish Runners
Birte Moliere RAW Travel
sjoerd bakker Swanpool Cinema
Rhona Rose Benalla Food Cooperative
Geoff Golden Yarra Climate Action Now
Ann Scholes Friends of Williams Road Beach, Mt. Eliza
Victoria Fisher Love Our Street 3032
Jillian Sokol Love Our Street 3183 & 3185 Ripponlea
Jillian Sokol Love Our Street 3184 Elwood
Melissa Tuliranta Trash Bags On Tour
Vicki Perrett Geelong Sustainability
Kira Whittaker Plasticwise Darebin
Bianca Cottle BYO Containers
Birte Granpre-Moliere Mount Eliza Plastic Free
Lisa Field Love Our Street 3030
Maureen Bond Healesville Environment Watch Inc (HEWI)
Sarina Kelly Zero Waste Swan Hill
Amy Maxwell Boomerang Bags Maribyrnong
Enela Licina MAD Youth
Birte Granpre-Moliere Mount Eliza Plastic Free
Robert Skehan Plastic Wise Torquay
Logan Shield Boomerang Bags Ascot Vale
Kathryn Chivers Plasticwise Beechworth
Veronica Monaghan Stawell Urban Landcare
Anthony Partington Sons of Smith
Amy Tobin Choose Cruelty Free
lucy skelton Student Voice Network
Mark Wakeham
Angela Merriam St Andrews Church Fairfield
76 endorsements

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Our supporters

Footscray Rubbish Runners
RAW Travel
Swanpool Cinema
Benalla Food Cooperative
Yarra Climate Action Now
Friends of Williams Road Beach, Mt. Eliza
Sea Shepherd Australia
Love Our Street 3032
Love Our Street 3183 & 3185 Ripponlea
Love Our Street 3184 Elwood
Trash Bags On Tour
Geelong Sustainability
Plasticwise Darebin
BYO Containers
Mount Eliza Plastic Free
Love Our Street 3030
Healesville Environment Watch Inc (HEWI)
Zero Waste Swan Hill
Boomerang Bags Maribyrnong
MAD Youth
Mount Eliza Plastic Free
Plastic Wise Torquay
Boomerang Bags Ascot Vale
Plasticwise Beechworth