Container Deposit Scheme For Victoria

A container deposit scheme refunds 10c to consumers or collectors. It provides a financial incentive to reduce litter and increase recycling, leading to cleaner beaches, waterways, parks and streets.

We are always heartened by how willingly people are to get behind our campaign reflected by the 85% support rate from Victorians (Newspolls 2013). But as you well know, overwhelming public support doesn't always translate into government action. And in Victoria, the resistance to a container deposit scheme from successive governments is so long standing, it would be old enough to graduate from high school!

Last year, we threw our support behind the "Ban the Bag" campaign and together with the over-80 group strong Plastic Free Victoria Alliance, we convinced the Andrews government to propose a ban; and facilitated thousands of submissions to their Plastic Impacts Discussion Paper. We attended community fairs, and met MPs, the Environment Minister and her department.

The fight to stem marine plastic pollution is gaining momentum. There is a real groundswell, especially in Victoria. Industry and retailers are feeling the heat and some have started to act.

This year, our campaign action includes - increasing public and media awareness with our Big Bottle Tour; building support from a wide cross section of community and charity groups; and lobbying MPs in marginal seats. Also the 'recycling crisis' - brought on by China refusing our contaminated recyclable materials from kerbside - is presenting an opportunity to create more on-shore recycling. And it is the perfect time to push for a container deposit scheme where containers are sorted and separated at collection points, and because they are clean, are able to be sold and turned into new products.



We need container deposit schemes across Australia and we are going on a tour across Victoria with a 3m long Coke bottle in tow, calling for a 10 cent refundable deposit on bottles and cans. It will help reduce litter, increase recycling rates, decrease the contamination rate and provide great fundraising opportunities for charity and community groups, especially in regional areas.

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Hundreds of community groups, charities and non-profit organisations around Australia added their name to the Cash for Containers campaign and were instrumental in our success in NSW, Queensland and WA. Now it is Victoria's turn - sign on today to endorse the Cash for Containers campaign in Victoria and help make Australia litter free.

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NSW implemented the container deposit scheme (CDS) in Dec 2017 and QLD, WA and the ACT are all commiting to a container deposit scheme. South Australia have had a CDS for decades and the Northern Territory implemented one in 2012. Victoria is the only mainland state that has yet to commit. Sign the petition to Lily D'Ambrosio asking the Victorian government to adopt a world class container deposit scheme.

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