Turn Back The Toxic Tide: Campaign Launch

We are excited to announce our newest campaign to build on the momentum of the recent CDS victories in NSW and QLD!

The "Turn Back The Toxic Tide" campaign aims to reduce 70% of Australian Marine Plastic Pollution by 2020. The campaign will include a weekly blog which addresses the various issues within the marine plastic pollution conversation and will provide a roadmap for how we can achieve such an ambitious goal. We encourage strong participation by our member groups as the campaign is centred around a "community owned" threat abatement plan.

For in-depth discussions surrounding the roadmap for the campaign, be sure to check out our dedicated marine plastic pollution page where via a regular blog/podcast Dave West, our Science Panel and others, will break down important issues such as sources and distribution of plastic, the pragmatic realities of change on the economy and industry, the planning approval process and insight into the facts behind which plastic is actually causing the most harm to the environment. 

The campaign will lead up to a national Threat Abatement Plan in November in order to establish which areas within the marine plastic pollution conversation should be prioritised for future action. A conference is also under consideration.

This is an ambitious campaign, but we are confident that with your support we can continue with the progress and success we have witnessed over recent months. Join the fight against marine plastic pollution and lets continue the push for a smarter, cleaner Australia.  

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