Beyond plastic pollution conference 2017


It's been called The Toxic Tide

In 2017, the UN Environment Programme acknowledged the growing body of research highlighting Marine Plastic Pollution as a significant problem on a global scale. It has widescale economic, social and environmental impacts. Business, government and the community need to find solutions and Boomerang Alliance was at the vanguard of that movement, as always...

Australia's first Conference focused on reducing Marine Plastic Pollution in the Asia-Pacific region - Beyond Plastic Pollution: Pathways to Cleaner Oceans - took place at Darling Harbour in Sydney from October 30th to November 1st 2017. Bringing together business, government, science, academia and community, Beyond Plastic Pollution sought new pathways to cleaner oceans learning about the latest research, testing the best solutions and encouraging diverse interests to work together.

The conference was also a collaboration with The Plasticity Forum, which presented Plasticity Sydney on Tuesday, October 31st.

Covering global best practice regulations on circular economy models, techniques for reducing plastic footprints in business and industry, new technologies and alternative materials and strategies to drive a plastic-free pathway at the community level, delegates were presented with a broad overview of the issue and the solutions that are emerging across the world, from leading advocates and stakeholders heavily involved in the task of reducing plastic inputs into the environment. 

Speakers included the UN Environment Program; International, Commonwealth and State Environment Ministers, senior figures from local government, captains of industry, highly respected contributors from the scientific and academic communities and influential environmental advocates, combining to deliver a richly informative and highly diverse programme which included keynotes, panel discussions, practical workshops, real-world case studies, an innovation showcase.  

After two and a half days of intense discussion on how to address the issue, the audience went away invigorated to keep up the fight to address the issue of marine plastic pollution and the results have been dramatic.  We continue to see inroads being made on a daily basis, but Boomerang Alliance believes that everyone can do more, so we will continue working to drive better outcomes for our oceans and marine life.  

We are currently planning the next conference, so watch this space for more details and if you are interested in working with us to deliver another inspirational event, please get in touch - you can email us with your thoughts, ideas or comments at [email protected]


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