Waste Solutions Resources


Resource Title Date Resource Type
V ictoria Waste and recycling legislation and governance - Options Paper September, 2020 reports
Brief on Refillables and Reusables December, 2019 Report
Submission on Energy from Waste Discussion Paper August, 2019 Report
Submission to the Circular Economy Issues Paper August, 2019 Report
NRI Stakeholders Summit – It time to tell government what we expect December, 2009 Report
Extended Producer Opportunity February, 2005 Report

Media Releases

Resource Title Date Resource Type
Submission to Recycling and Waste Bills 2020 14 September, 2020 Media Release
BA Submission for QLD Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy 22 March, 2019 Media Releases
Victoria Heading to be Worst Recycler in Australia 12 February, 2019 Media Releases
Waste Levy critical for Queensland 26 March, 2018 Media Releases
Recycling – does it work? 08 August, 2017 Media Releases