Several states take up Plastic Free Places

Boomerang Alliance Newsletter - September 2019

Our Plastic Free Places (PFP) program is gathering momentum with the commencement of our fourth community project in Adelaide in August, adding to our work in Noosa, Byron and Perth - with more to come.

The proven program works directly with food retailers, markets and events to assist the switch away from single-use plastics to better alternatives. It is highly successful in overcoming barriers in the procurement and financial case areas that businesses often come up against when trying to transition to reusable or compostable alternatives. Our aim is not to have the PFP program in every council area but rather to show it is practical to ban key plastic items because business and consumers can easily adapt.

In Adelaide, PFP is being used as a precursor to a statewide ban, and is the first one to adopt our new 'precinct' model, which will see us working with retailers in specific areas, including Surf Lifesaving Clubs South Australia and the Adelaide Central Market.

Our longest operating program in Noosa has now eliminated a minimum of 3 million single-use plastic items in 18 months! Also we have just issued the Plastic Free Event Guide for councils. Check out our new website for the latest updates from our communities, as well as how your area can become a Plastic Free Place.



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