Product Stewardship Amendment Bill 2019

Boomerang Alliance Newsletter - September 2019


Boomerang Alliance has welcomed the introduction of the Product Stewardship Amendment (Packaging and Plastics) Bill 2019 by the Australian Greens as an important contribution to solving the nation’s plastic recycling crisis and reducing plastic pollution. It is now subject to a Senate Inquiry.

Australia does not have a Product Stewardship Scheme for packaging, one reason why we have such a monumental packaging waste and litter problem. The legislation proposes a mandatory Product Stewardship scheme for packaging and certain single use plastics using reduction targets, design requirements, appropriate labelling and financial contributions from manufacturers to assist collection and litter clean ups.

The Bill puts the onus back on manufacturers to design for reuse or recycling and support collection. Mandatory reduction targets not only hold the packaging industry to account, ensuring a measurable outcome, it also means that brand manufacturers will reduce their excessive use of plastic packaging. Key elements are:

  • A ban of selected single use plastic products
  • Clear labelling requirements on products
  • Industry responsibility on a range of problematic products through contributing to clean up costs and public awareness
  • A Container deposit scheme in all State and Territories


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