Boomerang Alliance Newsletter - September 2018

Our Facebook photo competition SnapBack, encouraging our supporters and environmentally conscious consumers to name and shame retailers and producers for unnecessary plastic packaging, was a huge success and resulted in a highly publicised feature in Guardian Australia.

To mark the launch of our plastic packaging campaign in May, Boomerang Alliance launched SnapBack, a Facebook promotion to encourage our supporters to engage and take a stand against the tidal wave of needless plastic packaging.

Taking a photograph of the offending product and tagging the retailer and location, Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, IGA, Harris Farm Markets and others found their questionable packaging practices under the spotlight.

Flooded with images from those fed up with this packaging epidemic, the worst examples included apples in plastic tubing, shampoo bottles wrapped in plastic and individually encased apple avocados.

The garish exhibition was so arresting, Guardian Australia ran an entire online feature dedicated to the efforts of our followers and supporters in July.

Earning a huge response on social media, the photographic article did exactly what we set out to do – highlight the issue of unnecessary plastic packaging and inspire retailers to upend their merchandising.

These images in turn, painted a confronting backdrop for Boomerang Alliance’s The Future of Plastic Packaging forum in July where industry leaders and environmental groups converged in Sydney to discuss the solutions to the ever-increasing problems with plastic packaging.


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