QLD Container Refund Scheme Tour

Boomerang Alliance Newsletter - September 2018

The Queensland Container Refund Scheme has been designed to encourage the participation of community groups in the collection of drink containers. It means that groups like Scouts and Guides, surf and sports clubs, RSLs, Lions, church groups and schools can get involved by becoming donation points. By registering as a donation point, community groups can either receive donations through refund points or collect containers themselves. With around 3 billion drinks containers used every year in Queensland, if only 10% were donated, that’s $30 million potentially available for community fundraising.

Boomerang Alliance has played a big part in promoting the involvement of community groups in the scheme in Queensland. We want the programme to slash container litter rates as well as see a community benefit. In the period August-October, we have organised a forum series around Queensland, introducing COEX (Container Exchange) - the not-for-profit organisation who will run the scheme in Queensland - to community groups. COEX outline the scheme and explain how community groups can get involved.

The series, which includes more than 30 forums - reaching from Cooktown in the north, to Warwick in the south and as far west as Mt Isa - has already attracted huge interest from community organisations and with 26 events now completed, has reached close to 2000 organisation representatives. Judging by the positive response, we are hoping that hundreds of organisations will be registered as donation points come 1 November when the scheme starts, and that they can all share in this new, environmentally sustainable fundraising opportunity.

Scouts in South Australia, who have a large collection service in that State, are able to provide their own Federation with nearly $3 million each year from the proceeds of container collections.

Top left: Brisbane forum; middle: Dalby Town Centre; top right: Cooktown Airport; bottom right: cows on the road in central Queensland; bottom left: Emerald sign.


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