CTC is coming to WA

Boomerang Alliance Newsletter - September 2018

After the success of pilot programmes in Noosa, Byron Bay and Wollongong, Boomerang Allliance is bringing our Communities Taking Control across the country to WA.

July was an exciting month for Boomerang Alliance! The Western Australian Waste Authority announced the list of successful applicants for its 2018 Community and Industry Engagement Grants Program and Boomerang Alliance was on the list. Having submitted our application back in February, to conduct a Communities Taking Control (CTC) pilot in a local WA community, we had all but given up hope by the time July came around. So we were thrilled to hear that the Waste Authority had chosen BA's program to lead the development of a plastic-free community in WA.

The project is now well under way and we are currently assessing expressions of interest from a shortlist of engaged local government areas, with a view to confirming our target community before the end of September. We will soon be enlisting a local coordinator to manage the project on the ground under the guidance and direction of BA’s seasoned CTC team and we are excited to start the process of engaging local businesses and community groups to create WA’s first CTC Plastic-Free community. In partnership with our chosen local Council, we look forward to seeing the same fantastic results that have come from our other pilot programs in Noosa, Wollongong and Byron Bay.


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