CDS Victoria Goes to the Polls

Boomerang Alliance Newsletter - September 2018

In the run-up to the next Victorian state election in November, Boomerang Alliance is focusing our attentions on getting CDS included on all party agendas.

And the next few weeks are crucial in the fight for a container deposit scheme in Victoria. Our strategy includes direct communication with identified political parties to lobby for inclusion and engagement with community sector to get support.

We will also be focusing on public promotion of CDS in specified identified electorates and launching a social media campaign in support of CDS in Victoria.

Going to plan, our tactics will include an open letter calling for a container deposit scheme which we will have signed by a range of community and environment groups.

We will kick off our social media drive to highlight various aspects of the CDS agenda (litter, last mainland state to act, CDS benefits, community groups involvement, who supports etc) to build the profile of the campaign.


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