More News on Packaging

On the face of it some good news from Coke but we have heard such good things before. We are keeping a sceptical eye on this and will believe it when we see it. One thing the company could do is to set up reusable container collection arrangements through the container refund schemes in Australia right now.

Did you know?

As part of our Plastic Free Places program. We encourage member cafes to make reusables a core part of their customer service. This includes becoming part of a reusable cup network such as Green Caffeen. Our BYO cups promotion in 2021 led to some astonishing results with some participating cafes happily reporting that many more of their customers brought their own coffee cups than they anticipated.

Plastic Wrapping on fresh produce encourages food waste

An 18-month study by UK sustainability charity WRAP has found that plastic wrapping around many fresh fruits and vegetables does not prolong shelf life. The study examined five items commonly wrapped in plastic that included bananas, broccoli, cucumber, and potatoes. The study also concluded that using plastic wrapping also had the effect of increasing food waste.


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