Container Deposit Scheme VIC

Boomerang Alliance Newsletter - June 2018

Capitalizing on the momentum of the Big Bottle Tour, our campaign will initialize the next stage in the plan – political engagement. Boomerang Alliance will meet with members from all sides to discuss proposals for CDS, reinforced by a fresh new wave of public support.

While the Big Bottle Tour received a marvelous response, Boomerang Alliance will initiate the next step in our campaign for a 10 cents Container Deposit Scheme in Victoria.

And that will involved a combination of public pressure, political dialogue and engagement from local to state levels.

Our Victorian campaign is currently drawing up a strategy to incite commitment with individual members from all political bodies in a bid to push CDS through the houses.

Through an awareness campaign in the coming months calling on supporters to contact their local representatives, BA will facilitate a powerful surge of public opinion necessary to implement legislation

Our Victoria campaign also plans to forge connections, seeking additional support from non-environmental community groups while simultaneously correlating precise Container Deposit Scheme data to present to decisions-makers.


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