Plastic Free Places

We've been pushing our Reuse and Avoid agenda forward and have some exciting news for those who look forward to a single-use free future.

Starting in Sydney in late July, we will be running an EPA funded program to find 100 food retailers who want to be part of a NSW case study to increase reusable options. We’ll be working with these businesses closely to supercharge their practice of reusables, document their journey, and showcase their achievements. These businesses will be at the forefront of change, helping to shape future directions in NSW.

100 is just the start! So keep your eye out on our promotions and encourage your local changemaking businesses to join us in this in this important project.

In September, we're commencing a new workplace reusables program in the Brisbane offices of the Qld Department of Environment and Science (DES). The aim of this program is to introduce a reusable system for office staff that connects with the local cafés staff most frequent, and then, using behaviour change principals, work with staff to adopt reusable options. The great part is that DES produces the single-use plastic legislation, so they'll be learning the benefits of reusables and leading by example.

As part of this program, we’ll be developing resources and guides to help other offices and make them widely available. We'll also start introducing this program into our other programs in 2024.

We're also looking at how we can help more cafes achieve the benefits of reusables, so we’re going to be creating a series of ‘how-to’ guides on topics businesses are asking us for - particularly around the practical implementation of reusables within their cafes, and how they can eliminate single-use and not lose customers. We’ll be taking some of our leading members as examples for other businesses to follow. We’ll learn about and address some of the real barriers that businesses face, and encouraging them to forward.

We look forward to updating you on progress in the next newsletter! And keep your eye on our website and socials to stay up to date.

Remember, as a consumer, the best thing you can do to help is support businesses trying to do the right thing. Businesses often tell us they feel their efforts are not noticed or supported by their customers. Bring your reusables and let the businesses know you appreciate what they are doing. Not only can your action reduce waste and costs for your fave café, but your words keep them going. We can all make a difference!


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