Container Refunds - The Next Era

Now that all states and territories will have operating Container Refund Schemes within 12 months, we are thinking about what could happen next to further improve and expand their reach.

  • Extension to other containers: wine and spirits are first cab off the rank and it was pleasing to see Qld move with a 1 Nov start date. It is inevitable that other states will follow. However, we can go further to include plain milk, health drinks, juices and cordials (glass) – and non drink containers.
  • Recovery not good enough: currently the national rate of 65%, leaves 35% or billions of containers either littered, landfilled or low value in kerbside bins. Serious examination of greater incentives such a raising the refund to 20c should be undertaken, especially as inflation reduces the value of the present 10c.
  • Keeping a close eye on Vic rollout: Victoria decided to have three Network Operators to run refund points – a result many question for its rationality However, the state government’s start date of 1 November 2023 is highly anticipated – Victorians have waited long enough!

Also check out Total Environment Centre's review of Australia’s Container Refund Schemes


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