CDS On the Move

Having opted for the "split responsibility model" supported by BA, the Tasmanian and Victorian governments are now proceeding to develop legislation and a tender process for the separate Coordinators and Network Operators. The split responsibility model separates the management of the scheme from the management of the collection network. This separation ensures that the beverage companies who fund the scheme do not restrain investment in the collection network-thus maximising the container return rate.

We suspect Coke and Lion will still try to pervert the arrangements for collection so that it mirrors their inadequate model - we are keeping a close eye on developments. However, the draft Tasmanian law is close to the strict split responsibility clauses in the NSW scheme and we are hopeful best practice governance will be achieved. Victoria is a bigger prize for big beverage and they no doubt will have their lawyers crafting loopholes for them.

Both state schemes will commence over the next two years, resulting in Australia being the first continent on the planet to fully embrace container refunds. Our next targets are to have wine bottles included and improve the market for refillables.


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