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Coles have announced that they will no longer sell single-use plastic tableware including cups, plates, bowls, straws and cutlery from 1 July 2021. Instead, they will offer a range of Forest Stewardship Council certified tableware and reusable options.

Boomerang Alliance welcomed the announcement although we have sought clarification about the alternatives. Are they genuinely reusable to the International standards or certified compostable to the Australian standards?

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WWF released a report finding 80% of packaging marked as recyclable was not being recycled.

Of 82 popular products surveyed, the report found that only 16 products were entirely kerbside recyclable, 45 needed some materials taken to a collection point and 21 were difficult to collect and recycle.

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The EU has just introduced law to ensure that companies that make white goods, including washing machines, fridges and TVs, must allow these products to be repaired for up to 10 years. The ‘right to repair’ is part of a broad agenda to cut the environmental footprint of manufactured goods. In Australia, the Productivity Commission is currently examining the issues.



Boomerang Alliance and our allies are working on a revised position on deliberate helium balloon releases. The fact that this activity is littering does not seem to be stopping the activity and regulators are not acting. We think specific laws banning the deliberate release of these balloons and only allowing registered providers to use helium (but no release) will make a difference.


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