Have Your Say on Victoria’s Single Use Plastics Ban

The Victorian Government proposes to ban the above items in February 2023. These bans go some way towards Victoria catching up with South Australia, Queensland, the ACT, Western Australia, and New South Wales who have either already introduced or plan to introduce bans before the end of 2022.

These proposed bans are welcomed. All of these products could be avoided or have reusable or non-plastic alternatives currently available. However more can be done.

We encourage all our allied and associated organisations, supporters, and all who are concerned about the amount of single use plastic used, littered or wasted, to have their say.

The Boomerang Alliance view is below, and you are welcome to use these five comments in your submission:

  1. I/We support these proposed bans for February 2023.

  2. I/We oppose exemptions that allow banned items (such as plastic straws and cutlery) in pre-packaged products until 2025. Suppliers have had time to remove these items in other States, so do not need more time for this in Victoria.

  3. I/We oppose the exemption for plastic lined party plates. There are plain plates available and if consumers want coloured or branded plates they can purchase reusable ones instead.

  4. The Victorian Government encourages reusable food ware but does not offer any incentives for suppliers and consumers to shift their practices. The Government should provide retailers and takeaway food outlets with incentives to provide reusable containers to their customers.

  5. These bans are a first step. There should be further bans on other problem single use plastics such as coffee cups/lids, drink and food containers, heavyweight plastic bags, and unnecessary plastic packing on retail products. A ban on the release of helium balloons should be included.

You can Have Your Say by providing a submission by 15 May 2022 to [email protected]

or answering the on-line survey on https://engage.vic.gov.au/SUP-ban-regulations