Ask NSW to keep its Cash For Containers promise

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Dear Premier Mike Baird,

The state government has publicly committed to cleaning up NSW using a container deposit scheme ­...

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Dear Premier Mike Baird,

The state government has publicly committed to cleaning up NSW using a container deposit scheme ­ great work! But now it’s crunch time, the moment when words turn into action -- a​nd if NSW moves then other states will follow.

84% of NSW residents support a container deposit scheme, and we want you to know that thousands of Australians are keeping a close eye on your next move. D​o the right thing: design a strong container deposit scheme in­ line with the best examples globally, without delay. W​e’re counting on you. 

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Earlier this year, we celebrated a big advance for our Cash for Containers campaign in NSW. Getting a public commitment for a ‘world class’ container deposit scheme from Premier Mike Baird was huge - ­­ but now t​here’s a chance the NSW Government could delay or weaken the scheme unless they know that thousands of Australians are watching their next move.

The facts are on our side, we've got the research to back it up and examples of what is best­-practice from around the world. Here’s just a snapshot of some of the benefits of a strong container deposit scheme in NSW:

  • Keep m​illions of tonnes of bottles and cans o​ut of our streets, beaches and bushland
  • Generate u​p to 1,500 new jobs a​cross the State
  • Save ​l​ocal councils up to $62 million​every year by reducing their recycling costs
  • Place t​housands of “reverse vending machines” ​across the State, making
  • Recycling easy and accessible
  • Inject $​40 million into charity groups each year ​through recyclers opting for a donation

With o​ver 40 such systems around the world p​roducing huge benefits it’s clearly a good move for NSW. However, when it comes to recycling reform, the devil is in the detail ­ and we need to ensure that the NSW Government get every detail right. From accurate statistics on rubbish quantities, to be smart Cash for Containers deposit locations, to basing a scheme on effective systems around the world ­­ there’s lots of work to be done. Most of all w​e need to make sure the NSW Government have the facts and community backing to resist the lobbying efforts Coke and their industry friends are spending millions on.

Our intel tells us there's at least 6 months before this goes to Parliament ­ which is 6 months that the NSW container deposit scheme is at risk of being watered down or delayed. Which is why​ we need a huge display of community support, that Premier Mike Baird and its Government cannot ignore.

To make a submission to the NSW Government Click here

To suppor Cash for Containers in Queensland Click Here

So, what exactly is a Container Deposit Scheme?

A container deposit scheme is based on a refundable deposit able to be redeemed by the consumer or collectors at convenient locations. In other words, p​eople get cash for recycling their containers. T​here are over 40 such systems around the world including in South Australia and the Northern Territory. In SA which has a 10 cent deposit, over 85% of containers are recycled.