Our Core Values

TEC is a completely independent, non-profit organisation which believes protecting our environment and its natural assets is the best way to ensure a prosperous sustainable future for all Australians and our natural heritage. Together we can transition to a greener fairer world. We empower community groups, commission independent research, and engage with the media, stakeholders and decision makers by constructive debate. Our long term advocacy campaigns support systemic change and raise public awareness.  With an eye on positive future outcomes, we set the agenda on emerging environmental issues at local, state and national levels.

We are an independant voice for positive environmental change, and to remain independant we will never accept money from the big polluters. Our campaigns and project run on grassroots donations from people like you, and every gift you give over $2 is tax deductible. Click here to see how your donation could lead to a prosperous, sustainable future for all Australia.

Our Integrity

We receive support from many avenues on the condition that Boomerang’s independence is not compromised, and that special relationships for individual commercial or political gain are not developed. Funds are forthcoming from individuals, local councils, foundations such as the Purves Environmental Fund, Purryburry Trust as well the recycling industry.

It is understood that our policy and campaigning may advantage the commercial operations of the recycling industry as a whole or key sectors, and this is acceptable to us so long as it is compatible with the advancement of an environmentally sustainable economy and society.