Our Core Values

Our aim is to create a healthy pollution free environment for all to enjoy by promoting maximum resource efficiency and zero waste. This can be achieved through the introduction of systemic changes to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits to all.

We believe the broadest beneficial impact is possible if we empower the community to take action at individual, political and economic levels, thus prompting business and government to support community wishes.

During transition there may be some small amounts of residual waste of varying types that should be completely destroyed, landfilled or quarantined for future possible reuse.

At a manufacturing level, it is essential that the producer accepts primary responsibility for the environmental impacts of their products through methods such as cradle to grave management and the reuse of materials. Appropriate financial incentives and government regulation will work together with informed consumers to facilitate this and ensure free riders do not disadvantage responsible companies with cheap, wasteful practices and hold back entire sectors.

Our Integrity

We receive support from many avenues on the condition that Boomerang’s independence is not compromised, and that special relationships for individual commercial or political gain are not developed. Funds are forthcoming from individuals, local councils, foundations such as the Purves Environmental Fund, Purryburry Trust as well the recycling industry.

It is understood that our policy and campaigning may advantage the commercial operations of the recycling industry as a whole or key sectors, and this is acceptable to us so long as it is compatible with the advancement of an environmentally sustainable economy and society.