Cash for Containers Resources


Resource Title Date Resource Type
CDS Summary November, 2015 Report
How a CDS works September, 2015 Report
Queensland's plastic pollution crisis June, 2015 Report
NSW CDS - Business Stakeholder Briefing April, 2015 Report
Prices, jobs and household impacts of a container deposit scheme September, 2014 Report
What a Waste : Rubbish in the NSW Environment May, 2013 Report
Common Position Paper on CDS April, 2013 Report
Independent Review: The Northern Territory Container Deposit System February, 2013 Report
Beverage company pricing behaviour under the SA and NT CDS August, 2012 Report
The Boomerang Model: Value adding to a traditional Container Deposit Approach July, 2012 Report
Review & Analysis: Packaging Impacts Consultation RIS March, 2012 Report
Turning Rubbish Into Community Money - Vic Greens June, 2011 Report
EPHC Mid-Term Review of the National Packaging Covenant: Lessons for the Future October, 2008 Report
Management of Australia’s waste streams and the Drink Container Recycling Bill May, 2008 Report
Container Deposits: The common sense approach towards a zero waste society April, 2008 Report
National Packaging Convenant: Say no to the waste club December, 2004 Report

Fact Sheets

Resource Title Date Resource Type
Proposed amendments to NSW Container Deposit Scheme Legislation October, 2016 fact sheet
The Retailer’s Role in a World’s Best CDS October, 2016 Fact Sheet
Review of proposed NSW CDS and Legislation September, 2016 fact sheet
Comparison of proposed CDS models February, 2016 Fact Sheet
Community Opportunity Opportunities with Cash for Containers November, 2015 Fact Sheets
What’s the Opportunity for Non Profit Organisations? October, 2015 Fact Sheets
Key figures: NSW CDS & Charities February, 2015 Fact Sheets
Impact of a Container Deposit System on local government kerbside systems December, 2014 Fact Sheets
Container Deposits in NSW: Benefits for Retailers December, 2014 Fact Sheets
Costs and Benefits of a Container Deposit System: the real story (Infographics) April, 2014 Fact Sheets
What Container Deposits will do for the Tasmanian economy May, 2011 Fact Sheets
Cash For Containers: What's in for me? The local government sector January, 2011 Fact Sheets
Cash For Containers: What's in for me? Private Recyclers and waste managers January, 2011 Fact Sheets
Cash For Containers: What's in for me? Households and working families January, 2011 Fact Sheets
Cash For Containers: What's in for me? Community sector and charitable recyclers January, 2011 Fact Sheets
What Container Deposits will do for the Northern Territory June, 2010 Fact Sheets

Media Releases

Resource Title Date Resource Type
NSW Container deposit law passes – but we can do better 20 October, 2016 Media Releases
Consumers to be ripped off by NSW bottle deposit scheme? 07 October, 2016 Media Releases
WA Jumps into the Container Deposit Pool 18 August, 2016 Media Releases
A great leap forward for bottle and can litter reduction and recycling in Queensland 22 July, 2016 Media Releases
Queensland Bipartisan Cash for Containers move welcomed 05 June, 2016 Media Releases
C’mon Queensland! Time to Introduce Cash for Containers 11 May, 2016 Media Releases
Container Deposits in NSW - historic decision welcomed 08 May, 2016 Media Releases
Charity, Church, Local Government and Green Groups Join in Call for NSW Container Deposit Scheme 02 May, 2016 Media Releases
Wave of support as Coast aims for world record on recycled bottles and cans 22 April, 2016 Media Releases
Cash for Containers NSW Submissions Media Release 21 December, 2015 Media Releases
An end to green donations would rubbish the Cooks Rivers 21 August, 2015 Media Releases
All media releases before June 2015 01 June, 2015 Media Releases

Opinion Polls

Resource Title Date Resource Type
Container Deposit Newspolls 2011‐13 November, 2013 Opinion Polls
Community Attitudes on Recycling January, 2009 Opinion Polls