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UPDATE: 14 April 2021

GREAT NEWS: Victoria announces ‘Split Responsibility Model’ Container Deposit Scheme

We did it!!!

We are thrilled to inform you that the Victorian government has today confirmed their choice of a “split responsibility” Container Deposit Scheme.

They’ve listened to the community and rejected the disinformation campaign by the big bottlers, Coke and Lion and their lobby group VicRecyle.

Our research into the various types of schemes here in Australia and overseas shows that the chosen ‘’split responsibility’’ model (Coordinator and Network Operators) is best practise.

It sets up the right allocation of responsibilities so that the system can grow, be accountable, accessible and deliver multiple benefits for decades. It’s based on the NSW approach where there has been very significant involvement of charities and small businesses; billions of drink containers returned; and very accessible refund points.

We’ve been campaigning for Australia to be entirely covered by container deposit schemes and today’s announcement fully achieves this. In fact Australia is the first continent on the planet to do this. There will be remarkable environmental, employment, recycling and charity benefits.

Today’s announcement is the result of an incredible community effort with 117 organisations signing our open letter and over 51 000 Victorians signing our petition in support of a split responsibly model.

A big thank you - this would not have happened without your ongoing support!



Hundreds of community groups, charities and non profit organisations around Victoria have added their name to the 'Cash for Containers' campaign and were instrumental in obtaining our Government's commitment to introducing a Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) in 2023.

The Victorian Government is now deciding on the CDS model – a crucial step that will determine how effective our CDS will be. We must choose a model that minimises litter and maximises benefits for Victoria.

Sign on today to endorse the most effective CDS model and help make Victoria litter free.

Based on global best practice and lessons learned in other states, we are pushing for a 'split responsibility model'. This model has benefits for the entire community, economy and environment. Read more about our preferred model and its advantages and download the fact sheet.

Whether you are a local community group, a student organisation, a school, a major environmental NGO, a small business, sporting club or any other group, we need your support to ensure an effective CDS.

We have drafted the following open letter. Adding your 'signature' is easy! Simply fill in the endorsement form on the right to let us know you want a best practice model. You are also welcome to submit your logo on the form.

Not part of any organisation? You can still support us and join 50,000 other Victorians by signing our Change.org petition.

*Note - Your organisation's name and logo will only be displayed on materials associated with this open letter and not be used for other purposes without prior consent. By signing the endorsement, you agree to receive future campaign updates from Boomerang Alliance.





We, the undersigned, urge you to implement a best practice Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) model that will successfully address Victoria's waste and litter problem. Specifically, we support that this is designed along the lines of the proposed 'Split Responsibility CDS Model'.

Victoria will be the last state to introduce a CDS. This puts Victoria in an enviable position to be able to learn from others and choose best practice. The split responsibility model has proven to be the most effective in growing recycling and slashing the amount of container litter polluting parks, streets, rivers and oceans.

Split models have also proven to provide maximum convenience and equal access for community members, create more jobs in recycling and provide valuable sources of income for charities, community groups and individuals interested in collecting cans and bottles.

Once established, new infrastructure and management is hard to change, so it’s best to get the fundamentals right at the start.

Over 50,000 Victorians have already signed the petition opposing CDS management by large beverage companies.

Our organisations are joining the Victorian community in supporting the adoption of an effective split responsibility model.



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