Queensland LNP backs Cash for Containers

We are very excited by the announcement by the Queensland LNP that it would implement a 10cent refund system for drink bottles and cans. It is a great World Environment Day news!

The introduction of a container deposit system (CDS) is one of the most significant actions Queensland can take to clean up litter, stop plastics polluting the marine environment and massively increase recycling.


We have been talking to the community across the state and there is undoubtedly tremendous endorsement of a CDS. With bipartisan support we can now get on with the job of cleaning up the state, creating hundreds of new jobs, delivering recycling to regional and rural areas not currently serviced and giving a big boost to charity income.

The announcement that the LNP would implement a CDS if re-elected, clears the way for Queensland to introduce a scheme. Boomerang Alliance will be lobbying hard for this to happen as soon as possible.

Toby Hutcheon & Kellie Lindsay (the Boomerang team in Queensland)

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Cash For Containers Campaign

We have all seen the litter. It’s hard to miss. Actually every minute no less than 15,000 bottles and cans are littered or landfilled in Australia. This represents more packaging waste per person than many overseas countries. Insane isn't it? Fortunately a simple solution is at hand. It is called Cash for Containers or Container Deposit Scheme (CDS).