Qld Election: Who's acting to reduce plastic litter?

Boomerang Alliance asked political parties in Queensland about their policies on plastic litter and waste reductions. With a plastic bag ban and container refund scheme already agreed upon by all parties and scheduled for introduction in July 2018, we were keen to know what each party proposed as the next steps to reduce single use plastics.

Our idea is for a Plastic Pollution Reduction Plan to identify and recommend solutions that will eliminate and reduce single use plastics. We were interested in addressing plastics use in the home and office, away from home, in commercial, industrial and agricultural settings and in the marine environment as a result of poor fishing practice and discards from vessels.

We also urged the immediate phase out of polystyrene takeaway products, and plans to phase out single use, non-biodegradable cups and food ware.

We also asked for support for a Waste levy in Queensland. Only the Greens have supported this, with the ALP wanting to wait on the current independent investigation on interstate waste transportation report-expected next month.

This is how the parties scored. We don’t endorse any political party but provide this as a guide to any Queensland voter concerned about plastic waste and litter.



Read Labor's response HERE

Read the Greens Response HERE

Authorised by Jeff Angel, Director, Boomerang Alliance, 99 Devonshire St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010