NSW moves on huge plastic problem

NSW is poised to take a big stride on solving the state’s huge plastic waste and pollution problems, with the release of "NSW Plastics Next Steps". 

The identification for action of single use plastic cups, unattached lids on plastic bottles, cigarette butts, fragmenting plastics, washing machine microfibres, heavyweight plastic film bags, balloons and other items – shows NSW is getting its priorities right. For too long the state has been behind other states like WA, SA and Qld and as the most populous, plastic consuming state – we can't afford to be laggards.

With up to 580,000 pieces of plastic per square kilometre of ocean we have a responsibility to act. As well as moving on single use plastic bans, the Boomerang Alliance is calling on all government and food service businesses and the general community to embrace reusability, which will also significantly reduce the amount of polluting plastic in the environment. We are pleased to be working with the NSW EPA to pioneer reusability with 100 cafes.

There is great support in the community for action on plastics – they see the problems every day at home with multiple throwaway items and excessive packaging; inadequate recycling systems; and litter on the streets, parks and beaches. We are sure they will welcome the government's move.