Premier Mike Baird promised to give NSW the world's best practice Container Deposit Scheme, instead the EPA has proposed a system that will be one of the worst. . . if not fixed


The NSW EPA has released their proposal for the NSW CDS scheme which falls well short of community expectation. The scheme has failed to incorporate key elements of CD schemes that currently exist worldwide, resulting in a scheme that won't be convenient for the public to use, won't include sufficient reach to remote and rural areas, won't impose retailer obligations to educate and inform the public about redemption and does not impose strong enough penalties on bottlers to adhere to the rules and regulations. 

This is a once in a generation decision and we must ensure that the NSW EPA gets its right!

For Boomerang Alliances complete review of the NSW EPA CDS proposal click 'here' 

To have your say on what key elements should be included in the CDS please complete our "survey" and help contribute to the development of what can truly be a 'Worlds Best Practice'.

For the original NSW EPA proposal click 'here' 

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