QLD councils support helium balloon ban

The Boomerang Alliance and Wildlife Queensland have welcomed decisions made at the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) Annual Conference to support a state ban on deliberately releasing helium balloons, and establishing guidelines for plastic reductions at council events and operations in Queensland.

Wildlife impact of balloon release

‘We commend the decision by Brisbane City Council (BCC) to both decide to phase out helium balloons at BCC events, and put forward a motion to the LGAQ conference to support a state ban on the deliberate release of helium balloons.’ said Toby Hutcheon, representing Boomerang Alliance and Wildlife QLD

‘Deliberately releasing helium is dangerous to wildlife and is an act of littering. With local government support the practice can be stopped, if the State acts.’

Globally, 95% of all plastic packaging is used once and then thrown away.

‘The Boomerang Alliance and Wildlife QLD also commend Cairns Regional Council for proposing a motion to establish guidelines to reduce plastic use at council events and in operations, and to educate the public on alternatives.’

The fact is that single use plastics are a litter and pollution problem and the sooner we move as a society to using alternatives the better.

‘The decision by the LGAQ Conference to support these motions is an important and positive signal. If implemented, it positions local government as an important advocate and example-setter for single use plastic reduction practices in Queensland.’

‘We recognise that many councils are now developing plastic free policies and these LGAQ decisions reinforce local governments’ role in driving positive change.’

The LGAQ decision puts the ball in the State Government court. Action to provide plastic free event policies must be part of a proposed Plastic Pollution Reduction Plan. The banning of helium balloons releases could be promoted immediately- it’s littering.

 For more information: Toby Hutcheon 0422 990 372