Youth Ambassador James King


The Boomerang Alliance welcomes 15-year-old grade 10 student James King on board as our new Youth Ambassador! We are excited to see the environmental movement filter down through to younger generations who are taking ownership of the environmental stewardship space.

James holds the general belief that the views and positions of young people are often disregarded when it comes to environmental action – and is making it his mission to flip the status quo. James is currently taking on the NSW EPA who has denied him from reporting a littering offence due to his age (Under 18). Click for the full article  



As part of James's involvement as the Boomerang Alliance Youth Ambassador, he will be writing a blog about the environmental issues he thinks are the most important for young people to get involved in and subsequently the issues that their voices should be heard on. As an ambassador for the Boomerang Alliance James intends to create a movement amongst youth to stand up and be involved in the decisions that will affect their future.

"The decisions our elected representatives make today will affect my generation in the future, which is why the voices of today’s young people ought to be listened to. If those in power make irresponsible decisions today, it is us who will be left with the damage tomorrow.


I strongly believe that every opportunity that comes to young Australians to create a better future should be taken. I hope to inspire other young people who are passionate about the environment to take positive action and to make a difference when and where they can, because we are the future"  - James.



Stay tuned for the blog series 

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