Thank you for giving our oceans a chance!

Thank you so much for taking action with us today! You can go a step further and increase political pressure by writing a letter to a newspaper editor.

Please express your concerns about the dangers of single use plastic bags. By spreading our message and adding a personal touch - you will make a difference!




If you have not written a letter to the editor before -  here's a few helpful hints to get you started:

> Look up published Letters to the Editor in your chosen newspaper. This is a fantastic way to gauge the writing styles that appeal to that paper's editor.

> You should also check to see if the newspaper has guidelines for length and other various aspects.

> Use a personal story or illustration to explain why NSW, VIC and WA should ban the bag.

For more information and helpful hints on how to write a letter to the editor, head here. Let us know if your letter has been published and we will share it on social media.

It’s time to take action. NSW, VIC and WA need to adopt this positive protection measure and save countless marine animals!