DECIDING MOMENT: Stop the biggest plastic polluters from controlling Victoria’s litter solution

The Victorian Government is about to begin final planning for  the state’s Container Deposit Scheme (CDS). The big beverage polluters – Coke and Lion are campaigning to take over the scheme.  We are at a critical moment that’ll determine the fate of the state’s waste and litter problem. 

The bottlers dominate Queensland’s CDS and as a result, it’s a very inefficient program riddled with problems including restricted hours of operation and limited and many inadequate collection points failing to support our communities, recycling and the environment.

The result? Unclaimed consumer refunds are being kept by the beverage companies; and higher costs to the consumer.

We need your help to let the Victorian government know that this is an unacceptable model.

A short email (see below) to key MPs' could make the different. Let the Victorian government know that our community expects a CDS that effectively tackles that state’s waste and litter crisis.



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