Boomerang Alliance have called on major supermarkets to change soft plastics labels

In a recent investigation on supermarket practices, we found that many products that used soft plastic wrapping still had labels advising consumers to return the wrapping to the store, even when no collection service existed. The REDcycle soft plastics collection service collapsed in October 2022 and has not been replaced.

In our random sample of products we picked fresh produce and common items, products that would have been packaged more recently. 

We also found that some brands had changed their labels to advise the wrapping went to waste. Not a great outcome but more honest.

The Boomerang Alliance has called on supermarkets and other retailers to remove these labels or provide a collection service.

We have asked the Commonwealth and the ACCC to act on this. What is the point of labels if they don't provide accurate information?



See our latest media release on the subject here

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