Premier called out on bags at NSW State of the State

Today, Boomerang Alliance was at the annual NSW State of the State where Premier Gladys Berejiklian was the key note speaker. We decided to sneak into the conference room.

We used that opportunity to covertly place campaign material calling for a ban on plastic bags on each table and an activist deployed a banner in front of the 650 guests high profile guests and the Premier herself.

The Premier response was again that she does not need to pass a law (even though almost all states have or will be) because of voluntary action by some key retailers.

Millions of bags will still enter the environment. Every turtle, whale and bird that is harmed or killed by this litter will lay at the Berejiklian’s government’s door.

With the National Retailers Association joining environment groups and councils in support of a comprehensive plastic bag ban law in NSW – Gladys Berejiklian‘s position, is a massive failure of political judgement and a serious threat to the marine environment.

Environment Ministers meet tomorrow on 28 July – will NSW be the remaining obstacle to national coverage by bag ban laws?




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