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    Keep up the great work. We will also get involved now as we have identified that the majority of the plastics are actually be captured and delivered by the Storm water drains and interconnecting pipe networks to outfalls. We are also seeing plastics in nearly every drain and we are also seeing plastics breaking down in the drains. We can stop them going in with our at source stormwater filtration device, this will create a major dent in the supply of plastics into our oceans. All Australians need to lobby the Government if we are going to turn this around. As the video states the BIG producers like Coke don’t want change because it will eat into their profits. Coke does not care about the environment, a social media nightmare when it gets out. C

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    I am very happy to see the opening paragraph for how plastics are entering our oceans, your statement “Most it comes from Australian sources, not the high seas, with debris concentrated near cities”is absolutely right.

    We have spent 9 years perfecting the at source treatment of storm water, investigating how storm water has a highly negative effect on every water environment it comes into contact with. Most importantly we find plastics in nearly every drain and we will state that the stormwater drains are the main collection point for plastics, then the interconnecting system will deliver it to outfalls

    Would you be interested in this technology. If so, could you forward me an email address and i will send you some video’s showcasing the technology.

    Thank you for your time.

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