Jane Bremmer

  • commented on Toxicity 2021-05-17 12:42:31 +1000
    A lot of misinformation about the toxicity of plastic? Like where? Who? What bollocks! Rather there is a lot of misinformation about the safety of plastic – hence its widespread contamination of our global environment and bodies! This is a really unhelpful and misleading page that leaves readers more confused not less! It supports an industry narrative that plastic is safe and that we just need to get better at recycling it. Both suggestions are the main drivers behind this global crisis. They are false. If you are going to use acronyms and refer to health terminologies you really need to explain them. Does the public even know what endocrine disruption is? No health impacts associated with LDPE? Really? You have not undertaken proper research here…you need to do better or leave it out! https://www.env-health.org/new-study-on-widely-used-plastic-products-confirms-toxicity-of-chemical-content-health-groups-call-on-new-european-commission-to-make-addressing-chemical-pollution-a-priority/

  • commented on How to Manage Tyres Responsibly 2016-07-04 15:45:11 +1000
    There is no doubt that used tyres represent a dangerous waste problem but recycling tyres into other uses in not the solution. Tyres are full of toxic and hazardous substances and represent a risk to workers and the environment as the problems are just spread further throughout the materials production process. Recycling is best when the waste is returned to its former product not “down cycled” into other uses spreading the problem into other products and therefore waste streams . Unfortunately crumbed tyres are being used in children’s products, soft fall playgrounds and fake turf putting children’s health at risk. Regulators are also allowing used tyres to be used as alternative fuels creating dangerous and often unregulated air pollution. The responsibility for used tyres lies solely with the manufacturers who should be required to discontinue making new tyres that cannot be safely recycled into new tyres.

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