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    With the help of our amazing supporters, Boomerang Alliance has had immense success with container deposit schemes in NSW, Queensland and WA (...we're still working on Victoria and Tasmania) and bans on lightweight shopping bags in every state except NSW (...and we're still working on that one too!) 

    We've helped design the E-waste product stewardship scheme and driven enormous change to the way our tyre industry deals with end-of-life tyres.   

    Now we're shifting our focus to the excessive amount of plastic packaging that we find on the shelves in our retail outlets and supermarkets.  We will change the way industry thinks about plastic packaging and demand investment in recycling infrastructure from our governments to create jobs and capacity at home. 

    With your regular donations, we can make sure we're focused on the fight and carry the voice of our communities to business and government, to demand more of the positive change we've all worked so hard to create.  Together, we will continue working towards a zero waste society and keep pollution out of our streets, our bushlands and our oceans (every donation $2 and over is tax deductible).

    And for your regular support, we say an enormous THANK YOU...  We couldn't do any of this without you!

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    Ask the Victorian Government to implement a world class container deposit scheme

    Victoria has now committed to a Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) to start by 2023. It needs to be the best scheme maximising recycling; with great convenience for consumers who want to redeem their 10cents; and a credible governance system.   

    The Boomerang Alliance has joined forces with Victorian community organisations and groups to push for action. The Victorian government originally was defending inaction on CDS with questionable statistics on litter and recycling rates. We took actions to dispel myths, raise awareness and presented the true cost of inaction. 

    Newsflash: It's going really well! NSWs 'Earn and Return' collected 2 billion containers in 19 months and increased recycling rates from 35% to over 65% (June 2019). QLDs 'Containers For Change' has collected over 620 million containers in 8 months. Hundreds of jobs have been created and hundreds of charities are benefiting.

    NOW we need to win the battle for a CDS that works best for consumers and recycling.


    • Sign this letter to Lily D'Ambrosio thanking her for supporting a CDS and calling for the BEST system.

    • Sign up to our campaign and join us in clean-ups, media stunts and other actions

    • Donate to our campaign


    A container deposit scheme is based on a refundable deposit able to be redeemed by the consumer or collectors at convenient locations. In other words, people get cash for recycling their containers. There are over 40 such systems around the world including in South Australia, the Northern Territory, the ACT, NSW and Queensland. WA, Tasmania and Vic are planning to follow suit in 2020, 2022 and 2023, respectively. Enregistrer


    7,234 signatures

    Dear Ms D'Ambrosio,

    Thank you for supporting the introduction of a 10 cents refundable deposit on drink bottles and cans in VICTORIA. 

    Victoria is now the LAST state to commit to a container deposit scheme but can learn the lessons from other Australian states - and have the best CDS.  Cash for Containers has led to a significant increase in recycling rates in all states in which it's been implemented. NSW reports an increase from 35% to over 65% (June 2018, EPA NSW). The scheme is also going well in NT, the ACT and QLD. And of course, SA has had it for decades. 

    I support a modern, efficient, convenient and low-cost container deposit system. The social and economic benefits include more jobs in resource recovery and a new source of income for charities. CDS can also help with the recycling crisis, as it produces reliable streams of sorted, uncontaminated materials that are of higher value and can underpin a local recycling industry. 

    How effective it is, will depend on the design of the scheme, in particular:

    • convenient collection points for consumers to get their 10cent refund, maximising return rates and recycling
    • with billions of drinks sold in Victoria each year, a lot of money is involved and it's essential there is no real or perceived conflict of interest in the management group that runs the scheme and refunds. 
    • good opportunities for charities to be involved.

    Please keep me in touch with your work on scheme design. 

    Yours sincerely,

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    Historic opportunity to ban plastic bags!

    $20,995.00 raised
    GOAL: $22,000.00

    Did you know that 52% of the world's sea turtles have ingested plastic or other human rubbish? Last year, the Australian Senate Inquiry into marine plastic pollution warned of a ‘looming health crisis’ from eating seafood and ingesting the bioaccumulation of plastic and adhered toxic chemicals. This has to stop!

    At the end of June, the environment ministers will be coming together for their regular meeting. We want their main focus to be a ban on lightweight single use plastic bags throughout Australia. In order for this to happen, we need to urgently mobilise and support our 50 allied plastic bag-free groups.


    Please chip in today to help us win, it would save countless turtles, whales, birds and other marine life from harm.

    Every donation $2 and over is tax deductible.

    Please contact our donations administrator Jenn ( / 02 9211 5022) for alternative methods of donating.

    N.B.: Boomerang Alliance and its donations are managed by Total Environment Centre (a DGR1 endorsed charity). ACNC-Registered-Charity-Tick.png




















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