Sandy Killick

  • commented on MPP BLOG 02: Microplastics 2016-09-08 22:26:42 +1000
    Hi thanks for the chance to complete the online survey. This is a really critical issue – thanks for raising it’s profile.

    It would be great if the Boomerang Alliance could help all levels of Govt think through a series of stages that would target the highest risk plastics first and then work through the remaining ones to reach the highest standard in our marine environments possible. Obviously this will take a few years to implement/achieve but it will be a much better position than the one we are in now.

    I frequent the Sydney Fish Markets on a weekly/fortnightly basis and am constantly amazed by the amount of plastic waste that the take away seafood restaurants/cafes/fruit vege shops generate that end up in the nearby water. It will kill the very environment that supports their businesses.

    Given the recent profiling on microbeads and the food chain I actually wonder if I should be consuming fish. Are there any studies the BA can commission or report on regarding uptake of plastic residues in the popular types of fish sold at places like the Sydney Fishmarket and other waterside locations please? That might help to create a sense of urgency about this issue.

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