Robyn Byrne

  • commented on MPP BLOG 06: Plastic Bans 2016-11-08 07:31:16 +1100
    I wish I had read this information before I filled in the survey. Thank you for your rigorous research and information. I will add this information about tyres to my motivation to continue to reduce my car use. We have a shop in the Adelaide Central Market where we can buy all detergents etc in bulk, there are lots of environmentally friendlier choices but also our household have been using the same containers for decades. It is hard however to get younger women off the cosmetic treadmill and this needs targetting. I always add refuse to the reduce, re-use recycle mantra. I am much appreciative of the information provided about clothing, I choose natural fibres generally but would appreciate information about appropriate washing machine filters. I pick up plastic in the streets and wash to recycle but I am worried about this just leading to worse pollution, is that right? In our council area they have advised that we put plastic lids into a plastic milk or similar bottle until full and then put that into recycling bin – do you agree?, this may be entirely about recycling plant ohs.