Last year, Premier Mike Baird and the Minister for the Environment, Mark Speakman promised NSW would get the worlds best container deposit system featuring at least 800 reverse vending machines across the state to make redemption quick and convenient. But Coles and Woolworths are not playing the game and have refused to provide space within their carparks to allow for consumer refunds.


Because of them, the proposed scheme designed by the NSW EPA is way too vague - rather than deploying collection points in every major shopping centre across the state, the EPA has not come up with a concrete plan and the 800 promised RVMs number has disappeared - That's just not good enough!


Make your voice count! Tell Mark Speakman below that the EPA should require major supermarkets to provide a place for consumers to conveniently redeem their containers to ensure NSW gets a Worlds Best Practice! 


    I believe the EPA should introduce obligations for retailers to provide space for redemption as:

    • the big supermarkets are just as responsible for the plague of empty bottles and cans proliferating our oceans and outdoor spaces - they should have clear responsibilities to ensure the container deposit scheme (CDS) works well.

    • the logical place to put a CDS collection network is at the place of purchase i.e. the supermarket or shopping centre.

    The EPA should ensure that retailers play their part by introducing regulations (as part of the CDS) requiring major supermarkets to ensure:

    • there is a convenient point of redemption within 200 metres of their premises or install Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) within their shops.

    • supermarkets will pay refunds when presented with a properly authorised refund voucher issued by the nearby RVM.

    • retailers have signage erected telling their customers where to redeem and information about refund eligibility on all sales receipts.