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The Hon Albert Jacob

Minister for the Environment

12th Floor Dumas House
2 Havelock Street
West Perth WA 6005





Dear Minister,

I support the introduction of a 10c refundable deposit on bottles and cans to clean up litter and increase recycling, in Western Australia. Newspolls results (Oct 2013) show that I am not alone – 90% of West Australians agree.

As you know container deposits have operated successfully in South Australia for nearly 40 years and they are effective in over 40 places around the world. Cash for Containers has led to a significant increase in recycling rates in the Northern Territory in its first three years. 

The NSW Government has recently announced that they will introduce Cash for Containers – beginning in July 2017 – and Queensland is also investigating a similar scheme. I want Western Australia to join with South Austraia and NT to create a harmonised Container Deposit System across more than half of Australia.

I support a modern, efficient, convenient and low-cost container deposit system. The social and economic benefits include more jobs in local resource recovery and a new source of income for charities. The environmental benefits are enormous with less plastic and other pollution in our waterways, parks and roadsides.

Local councils in the city and country can also benefit from Cash for Containers.

I call on you to introduce a 10c refundable deposit on bottles and cans in WESTERN AUSTRALIA – to reduce the litter and increase the recycling of beverage containers.

Your sincerely,



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