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bus banners

Fifty buses in Sydney and Melbourne have begun carrying the call for a 10cent refundable deposit on drink bottles and cans to tackle the ‘15,000 drink containers being thrown away every minute’ in Australia.

“As we near the final stage of a decision in this long running controversy we are ever mindful that the beverage industry will throw all its resources to stop a container deposit system.  We are receiving enormous support from the public and donors and will be engaging in a very intensive campaign in coming months,” said Jeff Angel, National Convenor of the Boomerang Alliance of 27 environment groups.

“The cost of living and tax claims of the Food and Grocery Council are spurious but that won’t stop them.  We will be taking every opportunity to make our voice heard and speak to the public, backbenchers and ministers. The real cost of not acting is ongoing litter and wastage of resources; and lost employment, business and charity opportunities.”