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Claims that a container deposit system (CDS) would cost jobs in regional NSW, including Tamworth, Dubbo, Bathurst and regions have been found to be untrue by a unanimous report from an Australian Senate investigation, the Boomerang Alliance said today.

“In late 2012 the Senate undertook an investigation into the container deposit schemes in SA and NT and found the AFGC claims about price increases and consequent lost sales and jobs were based on ‘weak methodology and poor data’ (p20). The AFGC may want to recycle its untrue claims but it has been rejected by all political parties and the Senate research,” said Jeff Angel, National Convenor of the Alliance.

“The AFGC are running a scare campaign on empty – no-one believes it. Their research made the ludicrous assumption that all beverage prices would rise by 20cents – when this never happened in the SA or NT. And it certainly won’t occur under the modern, efficient and least cost container deposit system currently being considered by Australia’s environment ministers. They also fail to acknowledge that there is a 10cent refundable deposit.”

“The disproved claims by the AFGC are being trotted out because they are worried that the community and government MPs are coming round to strongly support container deposits. The claims have been around for over a year and have had plenty of ventilation and discussion but have not reduced public support – in fact it has increased as shown in the latest Newspoll (6/17 June) where 86% of people on NSW want a CDS.  They know a CDS will make a massive difference to litter in the countryside,” Mr Angel said.