Ask the QLD Government to commit to Cash for Containers

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Dear Premier
Annastacia Palaszczuk,

I support a 10-cent refundable deposit on bottles and cans.

A container deposit...

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Dear Premier
Annastacia Palaszczuk,

I support a 10-cent refundable deposit on bottles and cans.

A container deposit or Cash for Containers scheme will slash litter polluting our environment and harming wildlife. It will create jobs in recycling and let community organisations and individuals make money from collecting cans and bottles.

Container deposits are supported by over 85% of the Queensland population. With NSW aiming to start a scheme by mid-2017, Queensland should join in.

Please do the right thing. I want to see a clean and healthy Queensland.

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Will you sign?

Earlier this year, the newly-elected Queensland Government promised to investigate a Cash for Containers for the State. This followed the decision by NSW to introduce a scheme in 2017. Now we need your support to make sure that Queensland turns its words into action. It’s crunch time.

The facts are on our side, we've got the research to back it up and examples of what is best-practice from around the world. Here’s just a snapshot of some of the benefits of a strong container deposit scheme in QLD:

  • Keep millions of tonnes of bottles and cans out of our streets, beaches and bushland
  • Reduce beverage container litter by 60% and triple recycling rates
  • Generate hundreds of jobs across the State
  • Save local councils tens of millions of dollars every year by reducing  recycling costs
  • Introduce bottle and can recycling to most of Qld where kerbside collections does not exist
  • Containers can be easily collected by “reverse vending machines” or at community drop off centres across the State
  • Provide over $40 million each year to charities willing to collect can and bottles 

With over 40 such systems around the world producing huge benefits it’s clearly a good move for Queensland. However, when it comes to recycling reform, the devil is in the detail - and we need to ensure that the QLD Government gets every detail right. From accurate statistics on rubbish quantities, to smart Cash for Containers deposit locations, to making sure a scheme is based on the most effective systems around the world -- there’s lots of work to be done. Most of all we need to make sure the QLD Government has the facts and community backing to resist the lobbying efforts Coke and their industry friends are spending millions on.

With record-breaking amounts of litter and declining recycling, Queensland has become the rubbish state. If anyone needs Cash for Containers urgently, it’s the sunshine state. That’s why we need a huge display of community support, that Premier Palaszczuk, Environment Minister Steven Miles and their Government cannot ignore.

So, what exactly is a Container Deposit Scheme?

A container deposit scheme is based on a refundable deposit able to be redeemed by the consumer or collectors at convenient locations. In other words, people get cash for recycling their containers. There are over 40 such systems around the world including in South Australia and the Northern Territory.  In SA which has a 10 cent deposit, over 85% of containers are recycled.

We also need organisations and community groups to sign our statement of support for Cash for Containers. Sign here!

Here's an example letter to send to your local MP - the more personal you make it the better!